so who are we?

When I started wedding photography I realised I needed a catchy name. As you may of noticed a lot of other photographers use their own name for their company which does make sense, but having a “Y” in my name (Martyn) instead of an “I” was always going to complicate things!

So living in the west county is where the name came from – simple.

If you have had a good look around this website then hopefully you have gathered that I am relaxed and easy going and this reflects in my wedding photography.

Being made to stand in formal “line ups” for hours on end or being forced into silly poses is not the way I work, my motto is – have fun, enjoy your wedding and you will have an amazing day with pictures to match.

We are based in Portishead on the Bristol Channel, most weddings are within an hour drive but if you are getting married outside of the South West area then that’s not an issue, we have covered weddings all over the world so distance is not a problem.




I started wedding photography about 10 years ago whilst in full time employment, a friend in work asked if I could photograph his daughter’s wedding as I had a “good” camera.

From this first wedding I had the bug and realized this could be something very special for me as I love photography, the enjoyment and fun of weddings and of course getting out meeting new people.

So westphotography was born and it has become my full time profession, I have photographed hundreds of weddings and as a result have gained a vast amount of experience in all seasons and locations, from manor houses to marquees, Bristol or Las Vegas, every wedding is different and requires dedication and planning to capture the best of your special day.

Most importantly, I love what I do and hopefully this comes across in the images.



To run a successful wedding photography business it takes more than pictures, the amount of admin, planning, album designing, blog building and behind the scenes work is vast and that’s where Hayley (my partner) comes in.

Hayley has found a special talent in designing albums, her creativity and woman’s eye always amazes me when I see the designs, on top of all this Hayley keeps up with emails and looking after our little boy and miniature Schnauzer while I am out enjoying myself at a wedding somewhere!